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 GMS New Leaf City of Masteria

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PostSubject: GMS New Leaf City of Masteria   13/10/2007, 2:57 pm

Region: Masteria
Roads: New Leaf City Town Street, Hidden Street, Bigger Ben, MesoGears, Masteria

New Leaf City is a town founded on the ruins of an ancient city, called Old Sappe Village, that sunk into the ocean over 1000 years ago. It housed a technologically advanced civilization that used powerful techniques to perform good acts. No one knows why they disappeared, or why the continent suddenly surfaced. The town is run and populated by a number of fascinating characters, ranging from the mayor, Icebyrd Slimm, to renegade Amorian prince Jack Masque. The city uses a set of warp systems developed by the local genius and time traveler, Professor Foxwit, called Foxwit Doors. The city's laws are enforced by the ironically named Lita Lawless, a former thief from Kerning City. The final "founding father" of the town is a mysterious stranger from Versal, Maple's parallel dimension, named Elpam Gorlab (Maple Balrog backwards, as though in a mirror), where the Balrogs are kind and loyal to humans.

New Leaf City also has the NLC Mall, where a number of NPCs that perform various tasks can be found. A hair salon, plastic surgery center, lens store, and more are located here. Other vendors are located outside of the mall, and sell exclusive weapons and special potions, which are often significantly cheaper than their ordinary counterparts in other cities. At thhe far left side of New Leaf City, there is a NLC Taxi that can bring players to Haunted House.

Krakian Jungle

The Krakian Jungle is the area located immediately outside of the town of New Leaf City. It is populated by monsters of varying degrees of strength, such as the Mighty Maple Eater plants and Street Slimes. The infamous Boomer monsters also reside here. Gryphons are the strongest monsters here, and patrol the skies over a huge fall to the jungle floor below. Rumor has it the ruins of a lost city are located deep in the jungle, but no one seems to have found it yet...

Bigger Ben and MesoGears

Bigger Ben is a giant clock tower located on the left side of New Leaf City. It is based on one of the ruins left on the island. The deepest portion, MesoGears, is filled with Gear Portals, an ancient teleporter system used to navigate the deeper portions of the ruins. These work differently than the Foxwit doors, as they are one-way only. The strongest monsters can be found here, particularly in the MesoGears area, a basement-type location that has been infested by the mechanical Wolf Spiders.

All credits go to StategyWiki.
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GMS New Leaf City of Masteria
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