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 Horntail pendant!

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PostSubject: Horntail pendant!   10/11/2007, 7:39 pm

Horntail pendant +7 all stats and has 3 slots.
Ever wonder what scroll will be out to scroll the pendant?

Nope it wont be any scroll.. but dragon stone obtained from quest which acts like a scroll.. it's effect is 100% success rate and 140+ MD/WD add +15 all stats/avoid

How to obtain dragon stone? Too bad you need dragon egg that is dropped by Horntail..

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New Forumer
New Forumer

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PostSubject: Re: Horntail pendant!   16/11/2007, 10:58 pm

Nice pendant with godly stats. How much damage does horntail do? Lame Sinner
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Horntail pendant!
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