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 Look at this weird guy during 2x event

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PostSubject: Look at this weird guy during 2x event   16/1/2008, 4:47 pm

Char info :

Incident :

DragonSl4yer (map owner of Lantern Chn 20) was happily training when littleghee here came and asked for slot. There was no slot and littleghee started attacking like nobody's buisness. The party tried talking to him but he didn't move. Meanwhile in another map, someone had a party with a wiz i/l in it, she wanted to ks littleghee as revenge on him raiding her map last time. When the party came, littleghee acted innocent and offered them the map as long as they invited him to party. So there were 2 parties on the map and a war raged on. DragonSl4yer got pissed and went into his main, who was in my guild, he called me and some members down to help. We thought littleghee was claiming the map as his, inviting members and making us look like the ksers. I talked with littleghee and it turned out he wasn't the party leader, I talked to the real party leader and found out why he came, i told him that littleghee was actually ksing the map(which was true). So our 2 parties joined "forces" to KS littleghee out of the map. He couldn't attack at all, surprisingly, he didn't complain or change channel! We kept ksing him for an hour, and he still wouldn't move, even though he couldn't even hit! Then i started asking him questions. HE ACTUALLY ADMITTED HE WAS RAIDING!

Anyway, please watch out for this guy! He is so irritating he still trying to hit as I'm typing this at this very moment!
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Look at this weird guy during 2x event
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