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 Ellin Forest aka Ancient Ellinia

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PostSubject: Ellin Forest aka Ancient Ellinia   15/6/2008, 10:22 pm

There has recently been a update of the Ellin Forest on koreaMS.Here is just a peek of it!Very Happy Very Happy

Moss Snail (Unofficial name)

HP: 2,400
MP: 100
Avoid: 12
Knockback: 200
EXP: 102

Tree Lord (Unofficial Name)

Level: 46
HP: 2,600
MP: 0
Avoid: 15
Knockback: 500
EXP: 112

Stone Bug (Unofficial name)

Level: 51
HP: 3,600
MP: 40
Avoid: 15
Knockback: 500
EXP: 142

Moss Mushroom (Unofficial name)

Level: 55
HP: 4,400
MP: 110
Avoid: 20
Knockback: 400
EXP: 175

Ancient Boar(Unofficial name)

Level: 57
HP: 4500
MP: 100
Avoid: 20
Knockback: 500
EXP: 200

Here is a screenshot of the area.

All credits go to StategyWiki. (The character is not me!)
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Ellin Forest aka Ancient Ellinia
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